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We are a modern technology company who specialize in continiously improving performance and products. This includes our customers and the internal working process within their companies. We operate in a fast pace, which means that we are constantly picking up on changes that could affect our customers and what products and services we offer.

Never fail the same way twice

Our mission is to use modern technology to help discover, meassure and improve the most important performance factors in a business. We do this through automation of the analyzis process of key performance indicators built upon a variety of data sources.


Cobraid Deploy includes two major packages, and integrates them as one

Performance management

Setup SMART goals for a department and make sure they are connected to the company’s strategy through 3 easy steps that ensures focus on the things that matters the most. Continuously visualize the goals from a rich variety of sources in your company from production data to order intake and sales.

Continious Improvement

Track the progression of your business goals and manage the steps taken to improve performance. The tool supports common standards like PDCA, 8D and Problem Solving A3.


We work with three different things in mind


Everything around us is constantly changing, and so should the products and services that we offer. We ensure this with the agile and iterative working process Scrum. We like Scrum so much, that we teach business engineering students at the university how to use it.


Many companies think that it's okay to make work tools complicated to use. This results in steep learning curves and stupid mistakes. We believe in simple tools, and we strive to make our products and services as easy to use as if they were toys made for children.


We ensure high quality products and services with continious testing and delivery of new features. By developing and testing small features at a time, we are able to release often, which means that our customers will get access to new stable features all the time.


How would you like to use it in your company?


At the desk

Use it on your computer when you want to setup goals, or check the progression of your team's performance.

Large Screen

On a large touch screen

If you want to show real time progression of your goals at a meeting, or want to make the current state visual to all employees of a team, Deploy will do the job.


Wherever you need it

Deploy is meant for all parts of the company, which is why we made it tablet friendly, so that you can easily take it with you.


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