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We are a modern technology company, who specializes in software for strategic management. We want to make it really easy to implement changes in your organization. Imagine your organization's new strategy come to life instantly as business goals propagate through your entire organizational structure. Imagine that all goals in every department are connected to top level business goals, and that all goals are constantly tracked and updated. Imagine an overview that lets you say:

We never fail the same way twice

We here at Cobraid will help you accomplish all this with flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use software. You only have to think about the things that matter and let us do all the technical plumbing. No more barely readable excel sheets and time consuming management reports.


We have developed Cobraid Deploy as a software tool for strategic management, which makes your organization's strategy come to life by making it visible and relevant to everyone in your organization.

Do the following tasks in minutes instead of days

  • Create teams and subteams

    Setup your entire organizational structure of teams and subteams in a sleek tree structure with just a few clicks.

  • Setup goals for each team

    Easily connect a team's specific goals to top level goals. Doing this will ensure that your strategy propagates through your organization, and all employees will work toward the same top level goals. This also allows for a strong feeling of coherence between all departments.

  • Design dashboards for each team

    Ensure focus on goals by visualizing them on dashboards as graphs or gauges in a tablet friendly way.

  • Constantly monitor your goals

    Monitor each team's goals with a digital dashboard, that constantly visualizes updated goals and lets you know when they are starting to drift.

  • Get instant management reports

    Get interactive reports that are updated with the newest data. No time wasted on setting up slideshows for management meetings. Get the overview you need, when you need it. This makes it easy to see how goals are progressing, and where in your specific value chain problems occur.

  • Take action in time

    Create actions to get drifting goals back on track or to try out new ideas. Actions are assigned to team members and the progress, and its effect, can easily be tracked.


We work with three important things in mind


Everything around us is constantly changing, and so should the products and services that we offer. We ensure this with the agile and iterative working process Scrum. We like Scrum so much, that we teach business engineering students at the university how to use it.


Many companies think that it's okay to make work tools complicated to use. This results in steep learning curves and stupid mistakes. We believe in simple tools, and we strive to make our products and services as easy to use as if they were toys made for children.


The skilled developers at Cobraid are constantly picking up on the newest technologies and software principles to ensure that the software we produce is of the highest quality.


You only need a browser


At your desk

Use it on your computer when you want to setup goals, or check the progression of your team's performance.

Large Screen

On large touch screens

If you want to show real time progression of your goals at a meeting, or want to make the current state visual to all employees of a team, Deploy will do the job.


Wherever you need it

Deploy is meant for all parts of the company, which is why we made it tablet friendly, so that you can easily take it with you.


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